Hull repair works:

    • Replacement and repair of the ship’s hull coating and set;
    • Hull – steel and aluminum construction replacement and repair.

Repair of all machines and mechanisms in engine rooms:

    • Repair of all main and auxiliary diesel engines;
    • Boiler repair;
    • Heat exchanger cleaning using ultrasound equipment and repair;
    • Repair of pumps, compressors, separators and other equipment.

Designing and construction work.

Preparation work.

Pipe manufacturing and repair work.

Deck equipment repair:

    • Steering-gear repair;
    • Capstan and windlass repair;
    • Loading crane and winch repair;
    • Loading equipment repair;
    • Production and repair of manhole and hatch covers.

Engineering works and electricity repair:

    • The inspection and repair of electricity installation, electricity distribution and commutation equipment;
    • Electric engine rewinding;

Repair of refrigeration systems and equipment.

Internal finishing and repair, production of ship furniture.

Replacement of insulation and tinsmithing works.

Maintenance, testing and certification of life-preservers and firefighting inventory.

Other services:

    • Tug services within port water area;
    • A floating crane with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons and cargo transportation services;
    • Oil skimming and garbage collection within water area services;
    • Moorage services;
    • Dockage services;
    • Outsourcing of non self-propelled floating means, infrastructure and diverse port use services;
    • Water and electric power sale to ships;
    • Pilot services within company waters.
    • Production of tackle and staging - possibility to mount up to 10000 m3.
    • Vessel dockage using floating docks.
    • Truck towing of vessels and pontoons.
    • Cargo lifting and transportation by using a floating crane.
    • Collection of oil pollution from the surface of the water by using a vessel – collector.
    • Pilot services – vessel leading into the floating dock and re-mooring on the berths.
    • Service of floating pontoons